Política de envío

Order fulfillment

  1. Provided that the Customer has paid the Price in full, the Broker shall transmit the Order to the Supplier for its execution, in particular to send the Goods to the place indicated by the Customer. The Broker shall also transfer on behalf of the Customer the Price for the Goods due to the Supplier, less the Commission.
  2. The Intermediary undertakes to forward the Order, together with the sums due to the Intermediary, to the Supplier within 7 (seven) days of payment of the Price by the Customer. The Supplier shall dispatch the Goods to the Customer normally within 7 (in words: seven) days of receipt of the amounts due to the Supplier from the Intermediary. Delivery of the Goods to the Customer shall be no more than 60 days after receipt of funds by the Supplier. The average estimated delivery time is 15-25 days. 
  3. If an Order covers several different Goods, their shipment may be carried out by different Suppliers and in separate shipments.
  4. In the event of non-delivery of the Goods to the Customer within 60 days of receipt of the amounts due by the Supplier, the package with the Goods shall be deemed lost, unless the Goods have not arrived through the sole fault of the Customer, e.g. due to an incorrect delivery address. In such case, the Intermediary on behalf of the Supplier shall either refund the Price to the Customer or the Supplier shall re-send new Goods as instructed by the Customer. 
  5. When receiving the Goods, the Customer shall inspect the condition of the shipment. In case of any damage or breach of packaging, a damage report shall be drawn up in the presence of a deliverer and sent immediately to the Broker together with a potential complaint.
  6. Conclusion of a contract of sale and effective placing of an Order are possible only when the Goods selected by the Customer are available in the Supplier's warehouse. In case of discrepancies between the information given on the Store's website and the actual stock of the Supplier, the Customer shall be informed by the Broker and shall have the option to amend the Order in whole or in part. 
  7. If conclusion of the Contract of sale is impossible due to lack of Goods covered by the Order, the Supplier reserves the right to withdraw from the Contract of sale in whole or in part, and the Order shall be cancelled in whole or in part, of which the Customer shall be informed by e-mail to the e-mail address or telephone number provided by the Customer. Payment made by the Customer for the ordered Goods which could not be delivered shall be refunded by the Intermediary immediately after the Customer is effectively notified of the impossibility of processing the Order.